What is the difference between Exclusive Rights & Non-Exclusive Rights?

NON-EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS: Non-Exclusive Rights allow you permission to make one master recording for profitable commercial purposes and you can sell that recording for up to 2,000 copies through a profitable medium (i.e. EP, LP, mixtapes, internet paid downloads, etc.).

Non-Exclusive Rights also grants you the permission of radio play of your recording, and live shows/performances as well. Non-Exclusive Rights remain intact even after Exclusive Rights are sold to someone else, but only if your Non-Exclusive Rights were purchased before the Exclusive Rights are sold.

EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS: Exclusive Rights allows you the permission to make multiple master recordings for all profitable commercial or broadcast purposes. Exclusive Rights ensure that the beat can no longer be sold or offered to download to anyone else.

Are vocal tags removed after I purchase a beat?

Yes, vocal tags are removed from the file.

Can i get a refund after purchase?

No. All sales are final

Can you make custom made beats just for me?

Yes. Custom beats can be made just for you. Your custom beat will not be heard or released until you have released your album. Prices start at $500 per Custom beat.

How can I contact the producers of AtomicBeats?

You can send a message to AtomicBeats by filling out the form found on this page: Contact