Drum Kits

MajorLeagueSounds Volume 1

With over 300 ready-to-use samples, this kit is all you need to start making professional hip hop/r&b/pop/techno beats.

100 Kicks
58 Snares
50 Claps
34 Hats and Cymbals
15 Toms
60 Percs

Drums are a key element in music production these days. Listen to all the chart-topping songs, they all have something in common: banging drums.
There are a lot of aspiring producers on the internet these days, but we're tired of hearing beats with great potential ruined by below-average drums. With this kit, you won't need to worry about that anymore, we've got you covered!

To create those samples, we recorded countless drum and percussion sounds, with top quality recording gear like Digidesign Control 24 with Digi Converters, Neve 8801 Channel Strip, TLaudio Ivory Compressor, TC electronic Reverb... We even recorded samples from vintage drum machines like the Roland 606, Akai XE-8, Yamaha RX5. And to process all those samples, we used some of the best plugins on the market, from Waves, URS and McDSP. So there's no secret here, if you want to make high quality sounds, you need high quality equipment, and that's what we have. Add to that our experienced ears and knowledge, and you get the MajorLeagueSounds Volume 1, at a ridiculously low price.

MajorLeagueClaps Volume 1

Since we received such great feedback on our claps, we decided to make a special edition of our MajorLeagueSounds Volume 1 drumkit

Only clap samples!
It includes all 50 claps from the first kit + 30 exclusive new claps!
Those claps will bring your production to the next level and will give you that sound you're looking for. Whether you're going for a club sound, an urban vibe, a latin groove, those claps can be used in any genre.