As well as having a huge catalogue of beats available for licence for artists, or for synchronization in multimedia projects (TV shows, video games, commercials etc...), AtomicBeats can also offer a variety of custom services.

Mixing and Mastering:
Whether you're recording with high quality equipment, or a low budget microphone, we can help you make your songs sound as professional as possible. Along with, we can mix and/or master your song, or your album, with high quality hardware equipment. Mastering costs $20 per song, and for the full services (mixing/mastering), the price is $49.99 per song. Discounts are offered for more than one song. Contact us with "Mixing or Mastering services wanted" in the title, and we'll reply as soon as possible.

Music score and sound design:
If you're working on a project (promo video, movie trailer, video game, application, commercial, TV show etc...) and you're looking for a music score of any kind, and/or sound design, send us an email with as many details as possible, including the budget you're working with, and we'll get back at you quickly with a response. We've worked on many projects in the past, so we have the experience and knowledge needed to get your project to the next level.
We also work with for any custom recordings you might need (instruments, samples, sound effects etc...)

Custom music production:
If you want us to either make a custom instrumental exclusively for you, or you want us to produce a song that you've already recorded, send us an email with "Custom Music Production" in the title, and we'll get back at you. The price for an exclusive custom instrumental (with or without hooks) depends on a variety of factors, so we can't establish a fixed price. But our prices usually start at $500.